Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear Ex Boyfriend

You are one seriously messed up individual.

How dare you batter into me my short-comings while consistently justifying your own.
How dare you try and take from me the one good thing I had when you left the first time.. my best friend.
How dare you meddle in my current friendships.
How dare you make me feel scared in my own home.
How dare you punish me for everything I did wrong.
How dare you justify a nil apology when you stuffed up.
How dare you cheat on me multiple times.
How dare you imply you're going to kill yourself so I run to your house in the middle of the night - ABSOLUTELY PETRIFIED of what I might find.... just to teach me a lesson.
How dare you pour water on me to dampen my sheets so I have nowhere to sleep.
How dare you pour water on me again when I am literally BEGGING you not to... just for the hell of it.
How dare you mess with my friendships.
How dare you tell me not to use a particular tone of voice when I say "goodbye" to people on the phone.
How dare you check my phone.
How dare you read my emails.
How dare you belittle my profession when you don't work.
How dare you act as though your advice is the be-all and end-all.
How dare you treat me as though I'm a lesser individual.
How dare you speak to me in that manner at all let alone in front of people.
How dare you blame ME because you can't stick to your study.
How dare you, medically classed as psychotic, turn around and tell me I'M fucked up.

I wont miss you and I do not want a friendship with you...
You sir, can go fuck yourself.

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