Monday, December 27, 2010


Is not because I never tried and YOU did.... and er, how dare you say I know nothing about obligation...

I felt obligated to do pretty much EVERYTHING for you because you can't get off your FUCKING ASS and get a job because YOU'RE psychotic, but heaven forbid someone might treat you like you have a disability.

WAKE THE FUCK UP, YOU HAVE A DISABILITY you can't turn it on and off. You don't get to decide in what circumstances you use it to your advantage and what you don't.

MY GOD are you an asshole... like the fact that nearly ALL of my friends rejoiced when they heard we broke up was enough to realise what a fool I'd been for forgiving you so many times. I really DO NOT give a shit right now about what I put you through. I paid for my mistakes 10 fold and you made sure of that.

You made sure I felt pain that I'd never felt in my life. I don't think I could get any lower then what I felt. I just wanted to shut my eyes and die and have it be done with. I have NEVER with all that I've been through had to call 'crisis line' and I have NEVER felt like I needed to call the police because I was scared.

You tortured me... you literally tortured me... just like in the movies.  I know you believe in God too, so lets hope he's not real because you probably wont get the chance to meet.

God if my dad knew half the shit you put me through you'd be dead in pieces in a week.

Hate me all you want.... you obviously care a lot more then I do.

Go fuck yourself Matt... have a nice life... good luck with it all... you've already proven you can't achieve ANYTHING you say you will.

I thought writing this would make me feel better... but it hasn't really. fml.

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