Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, I just had a quick read back through my posts and this will be a short one from me but they're nearly ALL about Reid or my ex boyfriend Matt.

Matt did try and contact me again a few weeks ago via text message to reiterate what I rotten evil bitch I am. Pretty rich considering I'd spoken to him not a few weeks prior on the phone when he was crying and upset and needed someone to talk to and busted out the "you were the best girlfriend I ever had" line on me.

So, in an attempt to even out the ratio of posts about boys I will attach a picture of the two things I made this weekend as I have been reading a few food blogs. The cake was a little meh so I wont post the recipe. Might also just be because I don't like cake that and I can't bake to save my life.

The tuna salad was my own creation (if you could call a salad that - considering the effort factor). I realised a while ago that now I'm in my late twenties carbs are suddenly making me bloaty. When I quit smoking a few months ago I started eating a lot of subway and got a pronounced little potbelly happening which Reid determined was from all the bread. I decided I wanted to try a salad as I don't usually eat a lot of salad stuff and so was born my tuna salad. I have a few issues with my skin as well which I thought would clear when I quit smoking but it didn't so I'm now attempting to be healthier too.

Just a plain chocolate cake - nothing to write home about

Tuna Salad

1 tin smoked tuna slices in oil
Perino sweet snacking tomatoes (Delish!)
Baby spinach leaves
Sundried tomatoes
Slices of bocconcini cheese
1 hass avocado diced
1 small lebanese cucumber
Bottled ranch dressing

May I just say in closing that I really think I've found something amazingly special in Reid and its beautiful, amazing and scary as hell.  For now I just know I love him like I've loved no other. 

Good night all xox

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