Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why I love Reid

I can't count the amount of times I've tried to explain exactly why I feel the way I do about him and been so overwhelmed with reasons that I've managed to get next to nothing out.

I am going to attempt to list (in no particular order) why I feel the way I feel, this might be character traits or events and its going to be ill written and all over the place because I write things as they play out in my head and with Reid.... my head spins. :)

Lets get started.....

He reminded me I was a good person when I gave him every reason under the sun as to why I believed I wasn't

He knows EVERY shit thing I've done in the past and continues to love me as the better person that sordid past made me into

I said I didn't like being called a retard due to past events with an ex. He stopped saying it even though we both knew he was only joking when he did.

He tells me I'm beautiful every day without fail

He's been such an amazing and loyal friend for so many years and was right there to hold my hand any time I ever needed it

--- I'm starting to cry writing this, lmao ---

He misses me when I'm gone and it shows

If he can't get hold of me when he feels I should be contactable or something is/feels abnormal he gets worried

The fact that he thinks the most attractive part of a woman is her face

The fact that he likes my dad even tho dad is a weirdo and that he seems to like my family in general.

Anything I need from him I just have to open my mouth and ask and he'll at the very least try to meet me halfway

He always asks if I'm ok when I seem quiet, and if he doesn't believe me he makes me talk about it even though it hurts him to see me cry when he can't be there

The fact that I can see his heart break when I do cry in front of him

The fact that I can cry in front of him at all (although I try not to)

When he reminded me one time that I'd already achieved more than my then boyfriend ever would and that I should not listen to him when he belittles my achievements.

The fact that he's willing to stay up past when he should be asleep to see me when I get home from work nearly every single day

The way he looks at me.  No one has looked at me like that before.

The fact that sleeping with me is not his highest priority

I love the fact that we email each other every night and that he loves it too

I love the sound of his voice

The fact that he came home from his vacation really early to make sure I wasn't freaking out about mine and to be with me as well as prepare for my visit.

I love that he makes me feel special by doing sweet things like drawing me

I love that he lets me sleep on cam even though its probably weird

The fact that he's clean... probably cleaner then me, although I'd argue that I'm only messy because I only ever want to hang with him when he's around.

I love the feeling of comfort I get when he's around

I love that we can tell each other anything, even if we're embarrassed about it

I love that I don't feel like I ever have to keep things from him

He made me stop apologising for everything

He's stuck with me through my journey of relearning what a real relationship is like

He's always there for me to talk to about issues with my ex to help me get over my past

He's completely loyal and caring and considerate.

He's so generous and sweet

He values good people and doesn't have time for bad people.

He's confident with a healthy ego but still modest and down to earth

He'd do anything for me as I would for him

He's both sweet as shit and a complete ass and I love it

He loves animals

He helps me see reason when I'm being irrational

----- OK I could go on with this but I'm getting tired so I think next blog I might just continue on ----

I just want him to know why he's amazing and I don't want to miss a single pointer but he's SO amazing its exhausting to list it all... damn u Reid!!!

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